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IOB Podcast for Podcasters

Nov 27, 2021

The IOB Podcast!

Let’s make YOUR podcast better. 

In iob episode 20, We’re going to sit down with Mark Asquith, founder of among many things, Captivate. If you don’t know what captivate it is, it’s similar to Buzzsprout, Podbean or Libsyn. But Mark floored me with HOW Captivate differs from these other companies. Especially with their dedication to growing YOUR podcast. I think you will be really interested in hearing about this! Guaranteed, this is PART ONE. Give me a few months to kick the wheels and then we’ll have part two!

And I also do a critique of Crimeocopia! Geoff and Q have just started, but their format and quality are VERY impressive. I still have a few suggestions for them!


Mark and Captivate online?

Twitter @CaptivateAudio @MrAsquith

or their website


The IOB Podcast?

We are a podcast for podcasters. We want to help you make your podcast the best.

The music, the format, the sound, the style, the business, the marketing~ We'll focus on all of these aspects and offer you advice.

We look forward to hearing from you. Send us questions on any podcast-related topic and we'll do our best to give you a great answer.

We also critique podcasts. NOT the content--the format. Any podcast we critique, we offer a FREE custom-made musical intro. Write to us for details.,


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