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IOB Podcast for Podcasters

Jun 1, 2021

The IOB Podcast!

Let’s make YOUR podcast better. 

In episode three, we speak with Jay Anxious of the Jay Anxious Podcast and Stitch em' Up

Jay's main podcast is all about interviews...actually, he prefers a different word~ For now, I'll say "interviews"! Super advice if that is the type of show you do are are thinking of doing. Here's a list of 10 nuggets he reveals:

  1. If you’re going to interview people on your podcast, you NEED TO…
  2. My dream for having my podcast was…
  3. Monetizing a podcast
  4. Actually, interviewing is NOT the right word…
  5. HOW are you getting your podcast “out there”?
  6. Jay does NOT have social media “followers”, instead…
  7. Jay’s studio set-up
  8. Don’t use SKYPE. Don’t use ZOOM! Use…
  9. From podcasting to other media formats?
  10. If you’re gonna do an interview show—THIS IS THE GOLD

No critique this week--back at that next week! 

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