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IOB Podcast for Podcasters

Jul 30, 2021

The IOB Podcast!

Let’s make YOUR podcast better. 

In iob episode eleven, I talk with Rockwell Felder—co-founder of SquadCast—the world’s premier CLOUD STUDIO built for podcasters to bring your interviews to broadcast quality. If you’re currently using Skype or Zoom or something else, you need to listen to this podcast.


Rock talks about:


  • HOW SquadCast was a “scratch your own itch” creation
  • What’s the big diff between SquadCast and Skype, Zoom, et al~
  • Broadcast quality capable?
  • How SquadCast is able to record LOCALLY and not OVER the internet
  • Why post-production is made SO MUCH EASIER with SquadCast
  • How many guests can you have?
  • Works on any computer/browser? Have to download anything? Sign up?
  • Cloud recording—is it safe?
  • After recording, what happens?
  • Why video—it’s a PODCAST!
  • Green room?!
  • Dolby?


SquadCast is amazing technology and, well you can hear the quality for yourself in the interview! It was as if Rock was in the room with me—truly a game changer for podcasters who do ANY remote interviewing. You can try them out for a week—so line up a bunch of interviews, use our affiliate link ( and get ready to be impressed. If you have ANY questions about SquadCast—shoot me an email!


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Interview people for your podcast STRESS-FREE! Use what we’ve just switched to—SQUADCAST! No special technical skills required. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, they record you on the cloud, too (audio AND video)! And you can try it free for 7 days. Sounds silly, but my favorite part is they have a GREEN ROOM!! No M&Ms, though~! My recommendation, get it an hour before your interview and schedule at least three interviews so you can really see how it works BEFORE you pay! We’d greatly appreciate it if you used our affiliate link—thank you!