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IOB Podcast for Podcasters

Sep 29, 2021

The IOB Podcast!

Let’s make YOUR podcast better. 

In iob episode 17, I talk with Mike Delgaudio—aka, Booth Junkie! We talk ALL about “voice”, then we delve into creating a great “home studio” that EVERYONE can do. And we have a CRITIQUE of the Revelations & Reflections podcast.


Here are some TIMESTAMPS:


2:20—17:00 The nitty-gritty on Voice Overs…

3:09   Why voice acting is better than being on camera!

4:14   James Earl Jones—This is CNN—is great, but…

8:52   How NOT to be nervous behind the mic…

11:35 VO (voice over) versus Podcasting


17:02—42:33 The nitty-gritty on a Home Studio

17:16 HOW to choose a room in your house to choose as your podcast studio

21:06 Black out curtains…foam pads…BUT messy bedrooms might be better!

24:10 The cheap end of a GREAT studio (not that bad!)

25:53 The high end and WHY to go high-end studio…

27:54 Microphones…interface? The golden age of audio equipment!

29:38 Software—an audio editor VS a DAW

30:31 Reaper?

36:09 Sound design

37:37 DAWs offer MUCH MORE to your audio


Podcast Critique

46:46 Podcast Critique of the Revelations & Reflections podcast




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